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For my sister's wedding, I knew that I wanted to get one of those cool framed boards that add as a great prop during the photo booth shenanigans. Being that I sometimes procrastinate, and am also cheap, I had to last minute create one on my own. I actually was excited to do this. I was hosting her Bridal Shower and I knew that there were two things that I was really looking forward to doing. This being one.

I've looked online for different ideas and also priced this product if I decided not to do it as a DIY. The range ran from $30-$60. Insane. This was only going to be used for ONE NIGHT ONLY. Why would I invest so much into this little board.

So, I took my talents to Michaels arts and craft store. Michaels is like a holy grail for me. I love to go there just to feel creatively inspired. What I love about Michaels, they always have amazing deals. From 50% off to 80% and coupons on HIGH! I love it!

In total, this project cost me about $10. 

The board itself was $2 with an additional price of $3 to be cut how I needed it.

The paint (black) & brush was $3 rounded. 

Gold pen/marker $2

Luckily, my sister had some left over flowers, but this would have probably run an additional $5-10. So, you can add that on if you want flowers.

This was fairly easy to do. I used a ruler to make sure the lines that I had to paint were even. Being that the board was already white, I didn't need white paint! Yay! 

After painting the black areas, I used the gold marker pen as a border for the black. It accentuated the frame more!

This was a quick, easy and fun project and it makes for a great prop whether it's in front of a backdrop or in and around the event itself.

I can't wait for the next event!

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